Courses from the Atlantic Systems Guild

Courses from the Atlantic Systems Guild are renowned for the knowledge of the instructor and the real-world applicability of the content. We do not teach courses that merely make you feel good until you get back to the office. Our courses make you better at what you do when you get back to the office.

Your instructor will have extensive experience — we do not have junior "announcers" who learn the course from a book. Your instructor will be an acknowledged expert in the field with years of experience applying the technology to real-world projects.

Courses are available either as public offerings, or as in-house events. Sometimes both. Please see the relevant seminar page for contact details. Additionally, the Home page has dates and locations for upcoming public courses.

Requirements Seminars

Architecture and Design Seminars (in German)

Agility Seminars (in German)

Unified Modeling Lanuguage (UML) Seminars (in German)

Project and Software Management Seminars: