a Physical Exam for Your Software Organization

The Problem:

Modern companies are so insular that most have little idea how they might stack up against their peer organizations. Of course, competition requires that you keep your cards close to your chest. But the downside of being that insular is that you have no way to know if your state of practice is better than, worse than, or about equal to that of others in the industry.

In software particularly, maintaining a reasonable state of practice is essential to health and survival. Knowing where you stand is the first step in any effort to improve practice.

A Unique Solution:

The Atlantic Systems Guild provides an opportunity for a tailored and very non-threatening appraisal of your software organization. Two of the principals meet with project teams for half a day each. The focus is on methods, management, quantification, quality efforts and team dynamics. The two appraisers keep an eye out for outlying practices, those that lie outside the norm, either in a good or bad sense. Both kinds are valuable: the good outliers are your competitive edge, something you need to nurture and capitalize upon; the bad outliers are your best opportunity for quick, cheap improvement.

During the last half day of the event, the appraisers present their findings back to participants (or to the entire organization, if desired). They make a 90 minute stand-up talk on the subject of your organization, its strengths and weaknesses, its opportunities and challenges.

How do I get this?

Contact one of the principals and discuss your requirements