Peter Hruschka received his masters and PhD in computer science from the Technical University of Vienna. He started his career at GEI, a leading German System and Software House in 1976. His first project dealt with the standardization of the German Real-Time Language PEARL. From 1979 to 1982 he was head of the training department, developing and teaching seminars on modern programming languages, as well as analysis and design methods. From these seminars came the idea to automate some of the methods. This was the starting point of CASE technology, though it happened before the term "CASE" came into general use. Dr. Hruschka is internationally recognized as on of the "fathers of CASE". Based on his paper "A project model and tools to support it", the successful environment PROMOD was published in 1981.

This product determined the next 15 years of his career. After successfully establishing the product in many European companies, Peter spent a year in California introducing CASE technology to many US companies. During this time he was in constant contact with the leading people in software methods. This resulted in PROMOD being the first product to implement the Hatley/Pirbhai real-time method. This happened before Hatley and Pirbhai were able to publish their book.

After his return to Europe he was responsible for strategic CASE marketing, which meant introducing productivity and quality methods on corporate levels. At that time he also managed a series of high level seminars, bringing top experts like Prof. Peter Chen, Tom DeMarco, David Parnas, Ed Yourdon and many others to Germany.

His work is concerned with better quality and higher productivity. To this end Dr. Hruschka has published several books and many articles. His publishing career started with the translation of McMenamin & Palmer's Essential Systems Analysis and DeMarco & Lister's Peopleware, followed by two books in German My way to CASE and CASE in Industrial Applications (Carl Hanser-Verlag) and Real-Time Systems - State of Practice (John Wiley). These books came from his European research project with British and French colleagues. For many years Peter Hruschka served on the editorial board of the Springer magazine Informatik - Forschung und Entwicklung (Research and Development in Computer Science) . Currently he is a member of the editorial board of the German Objekt Spektrum, where he writes a regular column on Object-Oriented Analysis and Design.

His latest books in German are "Agility kompakt", "Agile Softwareentwicklung für Embedded Real-Time Systems mit UML" coauthored with Chris Rupp and "Erfolgreich mit Objektorientierung", coauthored with some colleagues that try to spread new technologies in Germany.

When he is not working, he is usually found with his wife in some of the most scenic parts of world, trying to hit little white balls into holes that are far too small.

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