Guild Services

Reviews and Audits

Reviews and Audits are used to review both the client's processes and deliverables. We make use of our well-proven templates to guide an investigation to review documents and talk to different stakeholders (developers, analysts, business, marketing and anyone else who would be affected by changes in your development process) with the objective of identifying:

  • Practices that work and that are of benefit to you
  • Specific areas that would benefit from improvement
  • The business advantages of making the improvement
  • The resources and changes that are needed to make improvements

We have developed checklists and approaches to help us to structure the audit and achieve faster results.

The reviews involve most of the project team, along with the appropriate managers. During the audit, your principal will identify project problems with the team members. He or she will demonstrate how to solve these problems, will answer questions from the team members, and explain the best ways for the project to proceed.

Naturally, we use your organization's objectives to guide our recommendations.

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Guild consulting has made the crucial difference to many projects, in many countries. Your Guild consultant has done what your project is setting out to do, and brings to your project hands-on experience to augment your team. Our project experience means that we can probably identify problems before they arise. As outsiders, our fresh viewpoint means that we look at your project in a different way from the project team who are caught up in the day to day pressure of system development.

Guild principals consult on:

  • Requirements elicitation and specification
  • Risk management
  • Software and systems architecture and design
  • Project management
  • Peopleware
  • Change management
  • Litigation support

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Physical Exam for Your Organization

A physical exam looks at the organization and its capability to provide the software systems needed. This is an opportunity for a tailored and very non-threatening appraisal of your software organization. Read more about physical exams for your organization.


Guild principals James & Suzanne Robertson are the creators of the Volere requirements techniques. The world-famous requirements specification template, along with other requirements resources, are available on the Volere site.


Guild prinicipal Peter Hruschka (together with Gernot Starke) has set up the software architcture portal ARC42. The pragmatic architecture specification template as well as ready-to-go libraries for popular modeling tools (like Enterprise Architect or Magic Draw) are available for free downloadVisit the ARC42 site.


Guild conferences, involve all the principals who speak on their own topics. These happen periodically when we come together to share with you our experience from the front lines of the software industry. On request, the Guild hosts special conferences requested by clients who want to introduce a new technology into their organization. See our home page for announcements


Guild publications have made a significant impact on the IT world. Guild principals are active authors. At any time there will be at least one Guild book in the pipeline. Principals are regular columnists with magazines, are occasional guest editors, and frequently contribute articles to journals and newspapers. Visit our books page.